Other Information

This is an optional, miscellaneous category. Use it to list your professional memberships, awards, publications, or special hobbies that are relevant to your job target. Beth highlights her professional association memberships:

Professional Associations

Some points to note about this section:

  • The heading depends on what you choose to highlight. For example, if you have received awards that are relevant to your job target, you could use œSpecial Awards or a similar heading.
  • As with your continuing education section, list information in order of importance. Beth lists the Project Management Institute first, since it is most closely related to her goal.
  • You can have more than one section in the œOther Information category. For example, if you want to highlight both professional associations and awards, make a heading for each one.

The key thing to remember for this category is relevance. Perhaps you placed well in a marathon or 10K race. But unless you're targeting a job where physical fitness is important, leave it off your resume. Highlight only what is directly relevant to your job target.