International Community and Technical Colleges

Community and Technical colleges internationally have made huge strides in cultivating a global workforce. These institution world wide are engaging local communities to embrace global education and understand its importance.

Here is a list of top Community and Technical Colleges in Australia and Canada:

Community and Technical Colleges in AustraliaAustralia
Community colleges offer accredited non-degree certificates and courses in the areas of beauty therapy, business administration, computers, languages, hospitality, English, literacy, first aid and more. Community colleges in Australia assist in building community spirit through offering dynamic and flexible learning opportunities with an active understanding of business needs.
Community and Technical Colleges in CanadaCanada
Community colleges sometimes go by different titles including institute, institute of technology, technical college, regional college, university college or simply college. These institutions vary in focus, with some offering general education in a variety of fields, while others provide industry specific programs. However, Canada's community colleges share the goal of responding to the training needs of business, industry, the private and public sectors. These institutes focus in providing a range of educational needs and career paths for vocationally-oriented professionals.