The header is a practical section that gives the reader straightforward contact information. Here's the header section of Beth's resume:

Header of Resume

Beth has included the following information in her resume header:

  • The name she prefers to be called. Beth's given name is Elizabeth, but she goes by Beth. If she used Elizabeth, readers might wonder if she preferred that name.
  • Her full street address. Note that if Beth were posting her resume online, she might choose to leave off the street address for security purposes.
  • Her personal email address. This provides her reader with a convenient means of contact while ensuring confidentiality in her job search.
  • Her LinkedIn address.* Beth has a complete LinkedIn profile and maintains it regularly. If her profile was not complete, she would leave this address off.
  • Her cell phone number. Like her email address, this provides another convenient and confidential means of contact.

Notice that Beth has also added her CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) designation after her name. This supports her current goal to be a project coordinator.

*Adding a LinkedIn or other social networking address is optional, but including it will show employers you're up-to-date and tech savvy. Read more on social networking sites.