Continuing Education

Employers want employees who are committed to continuous learning, so this section is important. Here is Beth's continuing education section:

Professional Development

Some points to note about this section:

  • Beth chose the heading úProfessional Development.Ě Other options might be úAdvanced Training,Ě úProject Management Training,Ě or úAdditional Coursework.Ě
  • She leads with her most important credential, her Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) designation (2009). In this case the credential is more important than the date.
  • Beth has taken many courses, but she only lists the most recent and relevant. For example, including training in Microsoft Word from 2003 would detract from her other training.
  • She uses precise language to describe the courses, including the full name of the application. This is important both for credibility and keyword searching.

Again, employers love to see a commitment to continuous learning, so don't forget to include this section. If you haven't taken any courses recently, sign up for one today!