Identify Transferable Skills

An important part of what makes you different and marketable”your brand”is your skills. But identifying them is often challenging, because we often take what we do well for granted.

Of the various types of skills we have, our transferable skills, skills we can use across different fields and jobs, are often the most difficult to identify. That's because they often aren't as obvious as our more specific job-related skills.

Here's a small sampling of transferable skills in various categories:

Transferable SkillsExamples


Writing, speaking, listening, using communication tools like email appropriately

Critical thinking

Analysis, problem-solving, strategic planning, decision-making


Good time manager, organized, motivated, responsible, reliable


Understanding, diplomatic, discreet, supportive, assertive

Let's say you're a web designer with exceptional organizational skills. These skills would be important for organizing and retrieving web files. You can use these skills not only in web design jobs but other jobs as well. Let's say you want to become a project manager. In that case, your great organizational skills would be a major selling point.

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