Establish an Online Presence

Having an online presence means employers can find you on the Internet. As we've mentioned, that's where they are increasingly searching for candidates. And your online presence is also an integral part of your brand.

Here are ways to start building an online presence:

  • Create a profile in a social networking tool such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also use these tools to research jobs.
  • Create a website or blog. A well-written blog can help you communicate your knowledge in a particular area. It can even establish you as an authority.
  • Maintain an online portfolio. With a portfolio, you can expand beyond your resume to include work samples, testimonials, and other materials.
  • Participate in online forums. For example, if you belong to a professional association, you can participate in discussions online.

It's important to understand that posting your resume to job boards like Monster is not the same as having an online presence. Posting to a job board and waiting for a response is a passive approach. When you establish an online presence, you work actively on your own behalf.

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