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2012's Top Ten ROI Colleges
College Major is Crucial for Higher Pay
Upasana Gupta - February 26, 2013

Payscale.com has recently published it's annual 2012 ranking of 850 colleges based on what students' pay to attend college versus what they get back in lifetime earnings.

Parents Pay Less For College Education in 2012
Survey Reveals: Students Shoulder Higher Responsibilities.
Upasana Gupta - February 27, 2013

A recent national survey reveals that American families are saving and spending less on college education as compared to two years ago. But students are stepping-up and funding a higher share of college costs.

Scholarships for International Students
List of Sources for Funding College Education in the U.S.
Upasana Gupta - April 3, 2013

Here is a list of few excellent resources that can help international students in receiving financial assistance to go to college within the United States.

Financial Aid: 5 Common Myths
Get First-Hand Tips from a Financial Aid Officer.
Upasana Gupta - October 29, 2013

It takes a lot of work to cover all the bases of financial aid. But putting in the effort and avoiding common myths can save students and parents' a heap of college tuition money up front.

5 Do's for Filing the FAFSA Application
Get Specific Advice on: Family Size, Assets, FAFSA Resources
Upasana Gupta - November 21, 2013

First-time families often get intimidated by the depth of financial and other information required in the FAFSA form. But here are five tips offered by financial aid officers to help ease the process for first-time students' and parents.