Evaluating Financial Aid Packages

Your financial aid award package is a very important factor in deciding your college choice. To evaluate the financial aid offer, consider both the aid package and what the college costs. It's quite possible that the most expensive school on your list might not cost you the most, depending on the package awarded by each school.

Tips on Evaluating Financial Aid Packages:

When financial aid packages from your target colleges are substantially different from one another, you should sit down to do a careful evaluation of the offers being made. Some basic points you will want to consider include:

Remember that financial aid is ONLY ONE aspect of college selection. Do not discount your emotional attachment to a particular school, or give up on the best academic program just because it costs too much. If a school meets all of your criteria for attending, it could be worthwhile to make a larger investment in that education. In other words, are you willing to pay more to attend one school than another? Only you have the answer to this!