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Where do Billionaires Study?

Elite U.S. Universities Top the List

According to a global census of dollar billionaires, almost two-thirds have a university degree. The educational insights are from an annual profile of the uber-rich, the Wealth-X and UBS Billionaire Census, produced by the Swiss banking group and a Singapore-based financial intelligence firm.

It examines the wealth and background of more than 2,300 billionaires and the 2014 findings show that the wealthy are largely self-taught, self-starters trained on the market stall. Even with massive wealth being inherited, billionaires work. The study shows that 81 percent of billionaires have self-made wealth as compared to 19 percent who remain rich solely on inheritance. Again, billionaires study!- 65 percent of the extreme rich have a university degree and a quarter have postgraduate degrees and more than one in 10 has a doctorate.

Europe with 775 billionaires has the highest billionaire population in the world, followed by North America  with 609 and Asia with 570 billionaires. But United States has the most billionaires by country (571) followed by China (190) and U.K. (130).

The top 20 for universities producing billionaires is dominated by blue-chip, elite US institutions, which take 16 of the places.

The University of Pennsylvania has produced more than any other institution, followed by Harvard, Yale, the University of Southern California, Princeton, Cornell and Stanford.

Most billionaire graduates

1. University of Pennsylvania

2. Harvard University

3. Yale University

4. University of Southern California

5. Princeton University

6. Cornell University

7. Stanford University

8. University of California, Berkeley

9. University of Mumbai

10. London School of Economics

11. Lomonosov Moscow State University

12. University of Texas

13. Dartmouth College

14. University of Michigan

15. New York University

16. Duke University

17. Columbia University

18. Brown University

19. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

20. ETH Zurich

(Source: BBC)