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Upasana Gupta -

IT Graduates Enter the Job Market with Excellent Prospects.

Despite the economic ups and downs of their four years in college, this group of graduating seniors enter the job market with excellent prospects. Congratulations to all 2013 IT graduates!! Companies are eagerly hiring new tech professionals just entering the field, according to a 2013 survey report from Dice, a dedicated career site for technology professionals.

The high demand for technology skills in most industries has driven the supply of new IT grads with more than 40,000 joining the job market in a given year. Colleges are also witnessing growing enrollments within their computer science departments since 2009. According to the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, the number of computer-related bachelor's and associate’s degrees has surged upward in 2012-11 after a steep jump in 2009. A total of 43,072 IT- related bachelor's and 37,677 IT-related associate's degrees were conferred in 2011, a rise of 9 percent and 16 percent respectively year-over-year.

Why is there this surge for IT skills? Think about it: technology is playing an increasingly vital role in all aspects of business and society. New innovations and technologies are allowing companies to make things better, faster and cheaper, and are empowering individuals in a number of ways. No longer is IT a vertical industry, but a key driver of change and connectivity in all industries- which fundamentally is redefining how individuals, enterprises and governments work, interconnect and relate.

However, with the growing demand for tech workers entering the work force – the result may well be more competitive pressure for job applicants fighting for coveted technology jobs and a tougher job market, with an influx of qualified IT workers. A job opening can attract dozens or even hundreds of applicants, so my advice for IT students to stand-out from the herd is to get some real work experience while still in school. Apply for good internships, part-time and voluntary jobs and be ready to jump-start your career with companies that are seeking to employ the next generation tech workers.

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