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You'll need to rewrite your resume often as you look for new jobs, change careers, and encounter major life changes. Re-inventing your resume can be difficult, so consider these tips:

  • Hit your target
    Don't send an old resume just because it worked before. Target your resume to the position and employer. Pull details from position descriptions, employer research, industry profiles, networking and informational interviews to match your skills to the employer's needs.

  • Capture the buzz
    Catch an employer's attention by using keywords at the beginning of your resume. Keywords include skills, titles, degrees, and occupational buzzwords. Keywords are especially important to use when you post your resume online.

  • Plug the positive
    If any of the following describes your situation, there are strategies you can use to show your experience in the best possible light.
    • Changing careers: Highlight your transferable skills to show how well you'll fit the new career field.
    • Limited experience: Draw from skills you gained from classes, volunteering, extracurricular activities, internships, and other experiences to highlight skills identified in the job posting.
    • Criminal record: Don't include your criminal record on your resume (but do be sure to report your history on a job application or in an interview when asked). Highlight any experience or training you received that's related to your career goal. A functional resume style may work best. 
    • Gaps in Employment: Highlight your qualifications in the top portion of your resume and de-emphasize employment dates.

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