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Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island - RI - Past Performance

Brown University
45 Prospect St, Box 1876
Providence, RI  02912
Phone: (401) 863-1000
Email: admission_undergraduate@brown.edu
President: Ruth J. Simmons
Founded in: 1764
Campus Size: 140 acres
Student Faculty Ratio: 9 to 1
Entrance Difficulty: Most difficult
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Academics/Programs/Majors Offered 

Past Performance record of Brown University:

No. of Doctoral Degrees awarded last year: 277
No. of Masters Degrees awarded last year: 395
No. of Bachelors Degrees awarded last year: 1443
No. of Associates Degrees awarded last year: 0

Schools Selected by Graduates of Brown University:


students of Brown University are hired by:

  Brown University, Goldman Sachs & Co., Hermes, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft Co., Merrill Lynch, NBC, Rhode Island Hospital.

Famous Alumni from Brown University:

  Thomas Watson, Jr., former CEO, IBM; John Sculley III, former president/ CEO, Apple Computers; Charles Evans Hughes, lawyer; Ted Turner, entertainment industry; John F. Kennedy, Jr., lawyer; Mary Chapin Carpenter, singer/songwriter; Irving R. Levine, NBC reporter.